Bringing Studio Magic into the Peace of Our Homes

My Story...

ReSounding Source Audio is essentially a one-man-show. My name is Sean Terence, and I am a local musician and sound engineer - I studied Audio Arts at Columbia College Chicago, where I received my B.A. in Audio Design & Production. I write and record my own music under the name Seantē Æres; perform with and produce Cincinnati-based Fusion / Jam band called SolEcho. and design Guided Meditation audio tracks (available here and YouTube)

The first incarnation of my freelance business was branded "Seantē Home Productions,"  in reference to the Sanskrit mantra "Om Shanti Om" - an invocation of Divine Peace. While I do revere this as a highest state of consciousness, innate in all creatures, and am devoted to consistently returning to this equilibrium - I decided the name was too esoteric for commercial promotion. Still, I believe that bringing this energy to music, and it's presentation (recordings and otherwise), will help inspire others to tune in to our peaceful birthright.

I've since chosen to re-name the business - evoking the dual meaning of re-presenting an expressive performance in a re-cycling of the Source of all creativity.

Re-Sounding Source

In my understanding of things, there is a central source of all that we experience: out of the mysterious, unknowable Space - void of all form and perception - a spontaneous motion is infinitely arising and forming the sense of perceivable experiences. We are characters formed and unformed in this eternal dance - sounding our own expressions of this unifying Consciousness, like waves rising and crashing within one cosmic ocean.