Bringing Studio Magic into the Peace of Our Homes

Welcome to ReSounding ~

   Connecting You to the works of Sean T. Kelley -- Producer, Multi-instrumentalist, & Songwriter.

Let's be honest..any business coach will advise to focus skill into One Specialization -- people want to work with professionals who spend a lot of time in a single craft..gaining experience to do it Really Well! Offering additional services can send a mixed signal and may scare people away.  This seems like a solid model for most...BUT - that doesn't really work for me. I'm someone who has multiple strengths & skills, centered around sharing sounds that inspire myself and others to redirect our attentions into the internal landscape.  For me, that creativity is necessarily channeled into multiple projects. . .

ReSounding Source Audio is my Music Production Business -- I can help you build a recording from the ground up - recording and mixing. 

       ~ If you're looking to collaborate on producing music, or voice-over recording, let's chat about what you're looking for!

 Beyond simply working to earn a living, my main motives are to connect with people, to strengthen community, and to live as a Centered Being - by practicing Being in the Moment as often and as fully as I can - within & without music. 

Because I believe that this is the energy that is going to bring us forward, breaking through the patterns of fearing each other and doubting our own capabilities, I'm committed to bringing that energy into the work I do!

I've spearheaded two projects that specifically express this energy: 

~ The Breakthrough Consciousness Podcast is about creating heart-centered conversations, and strengthening the community by breaking through limiting belief systems. 

~ The ReSounding Source Guided Meditation series is for aiding our interpersonal work -- actively taking time to tune within ourselves and to be still and present with what we may (or may not) find and witness. 


Feel free to reach out  and let me know any ways that I can help assist your own journey, whether it by collaborating on recordings, or simply giving me a heads up as to what you are currently working on -- looking forward to connecting with you!

Some background info...

The first incarnation of my recording business was branded "Seantē Home Productions," in reference to the Sanskrit mantra "Om Shanti Om" - an invocation of Divine Peace. While I do revere this as a scared state of consciousness, innate in all creatures, and am devoted to consistently returning to this equilibrium - I decided the name was too esoteric for common promotion. Still, I believe that bringing this energy to music, and it's presentation (recordings and otherwise), will help inspire others to tune in to our peaceful birthright.

I've since chosen to rename the business - evoking the dual meaning of re-presenting a performance, which I see as a recycling of the Source of all creativity.

Re-Sounding Source

In my understanding of things, there is a central source of all that we experience: out of the mysterious, unknowable Space - void of all form and perception - a spontaneous motion is infinitely arising and forming our sense of perceiving experiences. We are characters formed and unformed in this eternal dance - sounding our own expressions of this unifying Consciousness, like waves rising and crashing within one cosmic ocean.