Bringing Studio Magic into the Peace of Our Homes

The Breakthrough Consciousness Podcast -

where we get out of the loop and into it all!

Co-hosted by Clayton & Sean - this podcast is a passion project based around bringing community together , bridging Conscious Presence, local music, and the healing arts.. In brief, we've decided to dive into the world of podcasting with the intention of creating heart-centered conversations -- sometimes evoking what we like to call "informal therapy," in moments where we identify self-limiting beliefs and ultimately break through them! BUT we aren't limited to only interpersonal development, we also enjoy lighthearted and heady conversations, but again, from a space of Centered Presence --- to find out more about us, check out our first 2 introductory episodes :) The most recent episodes can be found on Soundcloud (& this page!) and our full archive can be found on Spotify, YouTube & Podbean ~ Let us know what you think!

                                Any and all support/likes/subscriptions are much appreciated!