Bringing Studio Magic into the Peace of Our Homes

ReSounding Source Guided Meditations...

This series provides relaxing music beds, with binaural beats, singing bowls, healing tones, etc. with spoken word, guiding the listener through a meditative experience -

 mostly through visualizations, which are good for not only quieting the mind in relaxation, but actively training it to venture into subconscious realms - for the purpose of extracting insights, and/or planting powerful intentions for the future, etc... These can be fruitful practices for boosting quality of life, but need not overshadow the simplistic practice of sitting and breathing, which is covered in the first episode: "Meditation 101."  This simple practice helps us tune into the peaceful states of the meditation mind – the Flow State.

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The instrumental series can be found here.

Meditation 101 - Simply Breathing & Being (For Complete Beginners)

Grounding Root Visualization (For Focus - Connect to the Earth, Purpose, Stability)