Bringing Studio Magic into the Peace of Our Homes

~ An invocation of the Peace in Chaos ~

Dedicated to the compositions of Sean T Kelley, seanti-aeris is a studio collaboration, featuring a variety of cincinnati-based talent.


Debut "So.La" EP Out Now on your favorite streaming site

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This EP was intended, in part, to be a soundtrack for kicking the day off on a good foot

Whether you add it to your morning routine or enjoy late at night with eyes closed, I hope it resonates some Peace in the Chaos of modern life.

Thank you for joining the journey !!

The Story...

Two summers ago, I came across a print of "El Sol" at a shop in Yellow Springs, OH. It immediately caught my eye - I had to buy it! It stayed in a couple different spots in my apartment in the following months, and as a began to form a relationship with the artwork, I noticed a certain poignancy in the sun's facial expression -- it ended up inspiring a whole project series.

Back in 2017 I was working as a Farmers Market Manager for the Brighton Center -- running and operating a humble single table, mobile market, along with one assistant. I would bring my ukulele along and came up with countless ideas and motifs, while playing at the market that summer. At the time, I thought it'd be cool to put together a sort of "easy-listening" instrumental ukulele album .. Then I started writing actual songs on uke. & thenn I start writing more intensive, full-scale songs on the guitar, and -- long story shortened -- it has evolved into a 14 track acoustic album, comprised of 9 songs and 5 instrumentals; entitled 'So.La.Ti'

Tldr; this is art that has inspired art; an image that has inspired words and musical images. I find that phenomenon to be such a beautiful thing, and such a poignant metaphor of life.

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