Bringing Studio Magic into the Peace of Our Homes


ReSounding Source Audio offers Mobile Solutions for all recording needs.

Take a listen to a few samples of recent projects:
  • Recording
  • Mixing (Stems)
  • Mastering
  • Songwriting / Production

I operate out of my home studio, complete with live room, vocal booth, and dedicated control room. I utilize a nice and simply arsenal of microphones (the Michael Joly modified Octava mk.012 stereo pair is among my favorite) that I run through ART Pro, and MOTU pre-amps. I have self-built portable baffles/GOBOs for further isolating recordings, as we do in most commercial studios! Arguably the best part is that my rig is completely portable, so I also offer on-location recordings if you prefer that I bring my studio to your's, or if you are looking to have a live show recorded!

Project Options include -

Demos: ideal for songwriters looking to document ideas at promotable quality.

Official Releases: Single, EP, or Full-length Album (studio OR live recordings!)

Voice-over: Audio-book, Podcast, etc.

Mixing (Stems)
Songwriting / Production

Let's chat about where you are in your musical journey, and I'll let you know how I can assist the process!


I believe the magic of the recording studio lies in subtle factors; some can be attributed to the juxtaposition of tension and comfort within the artist - the pressure to utilize studio-time to get that perfect take, and the ease of knowing the engineer has all of the unknowns under control. My mission is to bring the qualities of both excitement and relaxation to unorthodox 'location recording' (i.e. outside the conventional studio, whether it be my home studio, yours, or a public space), by committing to a patient demeanor, and doing everything in my power to make the artist feel comfortable and ready to create. Even burning a little sage, palo santo, and incense can be a great boost for the atmosphere!


Much of my approach to recording relies on a 2-microphone technique that I learned from Ken Christianson - who coined the term for his favorite method of "Multi-True Stereo" recording. Essentially, the mics emulate the way human ears process stereo sound - preserving all the subtle ambient cues from the performance and the room, which are often lost in the the standard multi-microphone approach to recording.

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