Bringing Studio Magic into the Peace of Our Homes

If you are completely new to meditation, and still skeptical of its benefits (and somehow still made it to this page!), here's an article outlining 10 benefits, and here is one connecting its benefits to brain studies. Happy breathing!

As with most of the art we make, the primary reason for creating these Guided Meditations is for my own benefit. I was introduced to yoga and meditation in a class that I took at Columbia College Chicago, called "Spirituality & Empowerment" - taught by Bill Hayashi and his wife Kyomi - and it was truly life-changing for me. Since childhood, I have seen myself an introvert and generally "shy" - and although I now pride myself in having grown to truly accessing Absolute Trust in walking our Paths, and rarely descend into rampant worry anymore, I do still experience "social anxiety" today. In my years of being a college student living in a new city, 5 hours from my hometown, my sense of security and confidence were far from their peak. That said, in conjunction with my life-long sense of being a spiritual seeker at the time (questioning my Catholic upbringing, and looking for a deeper experience of the source of Truth to connect to), being introduced to the thoroughly alleviating qualities of yoga and meditation at the age of 19 was a game-changer.

Still, the journey has its difficulties and distractions, and it does take quite a bit of time and devotion to cultivate a mediation practice with such depth that its benefits can readily be experienced day-to-day. I am now at the point in my life where I am intending on creating a more consistent routine for my own practice. Personally, using Art as a vehicle for practicing "mindfulness" (active, conscious presence) is an anchor and a gift that I can bridge into other areas of my life. If I can bring a meditative energy to the art I engage in materializing, I believe that presence will be transferred to those that I share with.

My commitment to launching this Guided Meditation series is not in an act of some mission to enlighten the masses (ha!) - in fact, I believe that the only one I have the power and responsibility to "enlighten" is myself, and that is why I am creating these tracks - to give myself something to ground my practice into. I am sharing them because, not only will it keep me accountable in staying consistent, but also because it is an acknowledgement that I am not an island - and when we hold something of value, it is best enjoyed by sharing it with other members of this sol-tribe we call humanity.

We live in an age where it is incredibly easy to share with others over the internet. So, why not? Why not connect with those who are vibing at resonant frequencies to your own - not in competition, or for the need of faux validation of ego, but out of celebration! This is where we are now, and we are smiling.. :)

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