Bringing Studio Magic into the Peace of Our Homes

Just Earth - 

This is the first full-length release that I have recorded, mixed, and mastered for a local Cincinnati folk band -  Just Earth. It was an enjoyable and educational process for all involved.

Ollie Ollie, In Come Free

The first audio-book that I have made was with Cincinnati-local author Anne B. Becker, for her personal memoir.  This was really a fun project, and a necessary learning opportunity to put my editing skills to use. I look forward to making more audio-books (listening to them is my new favorite thing!).


Dave Surnbrock  ~

Here's the latest folk album that I recorded and mixed in my home studio. Dave was a joy to work with, and I'm proud to have been able to help bring his introspective songs to light!


Know Cover

This is one of my personal projects - specifically an album of songs that I chose to cover and record in a rather raw context. I took a lot of time to experiment with the mixes, in terms of effects. This showcases a sample of what I can do with solo musicians - particularly in the singer-songwriter sphere (in this example).

Know Cover also exemplifies the "Multi-True Stereo" recording technique that I learned from Ken Christiansen in Chicago. It consists of only two mics (typically a matched stereo pair), emulating human ears - so as to utilize and fully capture the ambience of the room and performance.