ReSounding Source
ReSounding Source
Audio Production Studio

ReSounding Source is a Multi-Faceted Production Studio

Re-Presenting soundtracks for Practicing Presence


Guitar, Ukulele, Bass, Drums, and Piano lessons are offered at Beginner and Intermediate levels. 

Audio Recording & Music Mixing

Ready to produce your next music project or voice-over? Let's chat about your bringing your vision to life!

Each and every dream holds subconscious wisdom - through the process of "dream interviewing," I can help you discover what insight your dreams are symbolizing. 


Free resources for tuning into mindfulness via guided meditation, podcasting, and music. 

ReMinders: For Living Lucid Podcast

Tapping into some casual, yet heady & hearty reminders for reclaiming clarity. 

Bringing the practice of mindfulness into critical listening & reviewing music

Guided Meditations

A series for tuning into your calm, centered Presence.

A series for melting into the Moment.

Mindful music for invoking Peace in the Chaos ~  Sean Kelley's solo project dedicated to mindful musings & studio experimentation. 


The seanti-aeris "Live Band" has branched out into a new project ~ a folk-rock trio dedicated to the spirit of improvisation.