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(( d  a  y  d  r  e  a  m  e  r )) 

            The music & the message invoke lucidity – to be both witness and participant to the rise and fall of dancing energy. 

Based in Cincinnati, OH, daydreamer is jam trio with a vintage vibe – dedicated to the compositions of Sean T Kelley; amplified & enlivened by bassist Kurtis "Cortez" Unthank & pioneer of Legendary Hand Drums Ryan Wells.

Sean's lyricism and signature 11-string acoustic sound, paired with Ryan behind the Legendary Dream Set (complete with soprano sax), makes for a spirited expression of both savory and sweet tunes!

Together, their improvisational spirit gives each performance a life of its own, often weaving medleys of related tunes in each cohesive setlist. With a repertoire of over 4  hours of music, primarily showcasing original music, they also cover a range of familiar classics (most often the likes of Led Zeppelin, Grateful Dead, The Beatles, The Decemberists, Tool, DMB, Tame Impala, and Elton John).


d a y d r e a m e r  was formed in the two years of bringing Sean's compositions to the stage, after the duo met at the KY Yoga Festival -  where they each performed in other music acts. 

Four short album have been released under seanti-aeris – from the Pysche-Folk “So.La” & the meditative “La.Ti” EPs,  to the funkier, Electro-Folk releases of the “FateWeaving” & “Airing Out” EPs.

In the last two years, they've performed numerous venues and festivals around in the Cincinnati area – most notably, on the Purple People Bridge for Brighton Center's last two Wine Over Water events, as well as their home-base residency at Fibonacci Brewing.